Three ways to enjoy LINE Out without ads

If you have used up all your free minutes or the country you are trying to call does not offer free minutes, you can also purchase a paid plan to continue using LINE Out.

Call Credit

Prepaid credit used to make calls

Purchase Call Credit

  • Only some Call Credit packs can be purchased from the LINE app.
  • Call Credit purchased from LINE STORE and the Android app are only valid for 180 days after purchase.

30-Day Plans

More minutes at a lower price

Purchase a 30-Day Plan

  • 30-Day Plans are only available for specific regions and types of devices, and not for general use.
  • 30-Day Plans are available from LINE STORE.
  • 30-Day Plan cannot be carried over once the 30-day term is over.
  • Only one 30-Day Plan for each region and device combination can be purchased at one time.

LINE Coins

If you are using the Android version of LINE, you can use your LINE Coins to make calls or exchange them for Call Credit.

  • 1 LINE Coin = 2 Call Credits
  • The exchange rate between LINE Coins and Call Credit is subject to change.

Buy call time in the LINE app and on LINE STORE


  • A limited selection of Call Credit packs can be purchased from the LINE app.
  • 30-Day Plans and more are available from LINE STORE.