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  • Regarding Refunds for LINE Out Following Its ClosureNEW

    The LINE Out service has ended, effective Wednesday, May 31, 2023 (UTC+9).
    As such, we will refund any purchased Call Credit left in your balance based on the criteria below.
    We would like to express special thanks to our users for supporting LINE Out.
    The criteria for receiving Call Credit refunds are as follows.

    • Criteria for Call Credit refunds
    For unused Call Credit as of Wednesday, May 31, 2023 (UTC+9)
    - Call Credit (for LINE Out on iOS in Japan) is considered a Prepaid Payment Instrument according to Chapter 2 of the Payment Services Act. These refunds will follow the terms prescribed in Article 20 (1) of the same Payment Services Act.
    - 30-Day Plans can be used for 30 days after the purchase date, so users are not eligible for refunds under any circumstances if their period of use has expired.

    • Names of companies conducting refunds
    Service provider: LINE Plus Corporation
    Issuer of Prepaid Payment Instruments: LINE Corporation

    - Call Credit refunds are a joint effort between LINE Plus Corporation, the main operator of LINE Out, and LINE Corporation, the main issuer of Call Credit.

    • How to request for a refund
    - If you have a Japanese account
    1) Users with Call Credit remaining should receive a LINE message with a link to the refund request form on Thursday, June 1, 2023 (UTC+9). Open the link in the message ( and log in with the LINE ID you used for LINE Out.
    - If you have no remaining Call Credit, you will not receive a LINE message.
    2) Confirm the amount of Call Credit to be refunded, then select "認証コード確認" ("Check verification code").
    3) Copy the code labeled "認証コード" ("Verification code"), then select "送金画面に移動" ("Open transfer screen").
    4) Enter your bank transfer details, enter the verification code you copied, then select "確認" ("Confirm").
    5) Confirm that there are no issues with the info you provided, then select "登録" ("Register").

    - If you have an overseas account
    Please submit your request via the inquiry form (

    • Refund request period
    Thursday, June 1, 2023 – Thursday, August 31, 2023 (UTC+9)
    - If users do not submit a refund request within this time period, they will not be eligible for a refund.

    • Notes on the refund process
    - If you have a Japanese account
    This refund uses "GMO-PG送金サービス" (GMO-PG Remittance Service), a service provided by GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. To learn more about what information is required for a bank transfer, please refer to the GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. website.
    Within 3–4 business days of your request, you'll receive a refund to the bank account you provided. The refund will be the equivalent of your Call Credit balance in Japanese yen. We will cover the transfer fee required for your refund.

    To change your bank transfer details after sending a request or if you had made a mistake in your request, please contact us via the inquiry form. We will cancel your existing refund request and ask you to make a new request.

    - If you have an overseas account
    Please submit your request via the inquiry form (

    - Requesting a bank transfer to an overseas bank account
    The remittance service only makes domestic transfers and cannot wire money to overseas bank accounts. If you're unable to use the remittance service, please contact us via the inquiry form. Overseas bank transfers may require various fees such as receiving fees, intermediary fees, and currency exchange fees in addition to remittance fees. Please note that LINE bears no responsibility for these fees with regards to overseas accounts.

    • Contact us
    Yotsuya Tower 23rd F, 1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
    Issuer of Prefunded Payment Instruments: LINE Corporation
    Service provider: LINE Plus Corporation

    Once again thank you very much for supporting LINE Out.
  • End of LINE Out serviceNEW

    Thank you for using LINE Out.
    We regret to inform you that the LINE Out service will be ending on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.
    Sales of call credit and 30-Day Plans will be suspended on Friday, March 31st, 2023. Any 30-Day Plans purchased before sales end can be used for the full 30 days.

    Refer to the below schedule for important dates related to the service termination.

    Service termination schedule
    Call Credit and 30-Day Plan sales end: March 31st, 2023 (Fri)
    Service ends: May 31st, 2023 (Wed)
    Refund requests accepted from: June 1st, 2023 (Thu)
    Deadline for refund requests: August 31st, 2023 (Thu)
    Support ends: October 30th, 2023 (Mon)

    Service closure background and similar features
    LINE Out service is ending because LINE Plus will no longer be operating as a phone service provider in Japan. Once service ends, LINE will continue to function normally and any remaining call credit that has been purchased will be refunded. As an alternative, we suggest LINE's free voice and video calls that can be used between LINE friends.

    Any call credit previously purchased will be refunded when the service ends. Prepaid LINE Out call credit purchased within Japan via iOS is considered a prepaid payment instrument per Chapter 2 of the Payment Services Act, and refunds are granted in accordance with Article 20, Paragraph 1.

    How to request a refund

    You can use the refund request form once it is available.
    A link to this refund request form will be sent to those users who still have credit via LINE message on Thursday, June 1st, 2023.
    We will also share alternative methods to request a refund at that time.

    Customer inquiries
    LINE Out Customer Care:

    - After Friday, March 31st, 2023, 30-Day Plans will no longer be sold in the app or in the LINE STORE.
    - Call credit can be used up until the service ends. 30-Day Plans can be used for 30 days after the purchase date.
    - You will not be able to access LINE Out once the service ends, so we recommend checking your call credit balance beforehand if you think you might need a refund.
    - Upon completion of the refund process, an amount equivalent to your remaining call credit will be refunded and deposited in your designated bank account.

    Finally, thank you to everyone who used the service and we apologize for the disappointing news.

    March 22nd, 2023
    Service provider: LINE Plus Corporation
    Issuer of prepaid payments: LINE Corporation
  • LINE Out Privacy PolicyNEW

    LINE Out Privacy Policy

    1. Introduction
    We, LINE Plus Corporation (“LINE PLUS”, “we,” “us,” or “our”), will collect information related to individuals (“Personal Data”) in providing our VoIP Service LINE OUT(“LINE OUT”) and all products, apps, services and websites related to the LINE OUT (collectively, the “Services”). LINE OUT is an add-on feature of LINE application (the “LINE App”) provided by LINE Co., Ltd., the holding company of LINE PLUS.
    This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explains what kind of Personal Data we will collect, and how we will use and share such Personal Data, and how you can manage your own Personal Data.

    2. Applicable scope of this Policy
    This Policy applies to all Personal Data that is collected in relation to our Services regardless of the country or region where our Services are being used.

    2.a. Target services and service provider
    This Policy applies to all Personal Data that is collected in relation to our Services.
    In connection with the application of this Policy, LINE PLUS is the controller of the processing of Personal Data.

    2.b. Applicable countries and regions
    We will process Personal Data only to the extent permitted under laws and regulations applicable in countries and regions where we are conducting business (such laws and regulations are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Applicable Laws”) according to this Policy and only within the scope described in this Policy.
    While we may provide various translations of this Policy as a reference, to the extent permitted under Applicable Laws, the Japanese version applies to users using our Services in Japan, and the English version applies to users using our Services in other countries or regions.

    3. Personal Data to be collected
    We will collect the following types of Personal Data in providing our Services. If you do not provide certain types of information such as your phone number, which need to be registered for using our Services, you may not be able to use all or a part of our Services.

    3.a. Personal Data to be provided by You

    3.a.i. Information required for inquiries and transaction
    When you wish to use a specific service to purchase a product, make an inquiry or participate in a promotional event or survey, we may ask you to provide information required for communicating with you and conducting transactions with you depending on the nature of the transaction, and collect and store such information.

    For example:
    • In order for us to answer any requests or questions that you send to our customer support, we may ask you to provide information required for identifying and investigating the event or resolving the problem, such as your contact information including your phone number or email address, and details of the trouble that you have encountered.
    • If you choose to participate in surveys or promotional events, we may ask you to provide information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, gender, and date of birth in order to verify your identity, enable you to participate in a drawing, and to deliver any prizes you may win.
    • If you purchase a product or a service, you will be required to provide information for making the payment of such product or service. Since credit card settlements are processed by appropriate third-party payment agencies, we will not retain your credit card number or security code.

    3.b. Personal Data to be collected in connection with your use of our Services

    3.b.i. Status of use of our Services
    We automatically collect information related to when and how you used our Services. The collected information includes the status of use of various features such as the date and time that you activated our individual apps, length of time that you used our individual services, results of searches conducted in the apps, additional services that were purchased, and contents and ads that were viewed or tapped.

    3.b.ii. Apps, browsers, device information
    We will collect information related to the device, browser and the app that you are using (ad identifier for identifying the device/browser, Cookie ID and device type, OS, language/time zone setting, browser type, app version, etc.)
    We may also associate the collected ad identifier with the Internal Identifier.

    3.c. Personal Data collected from third parties
    We may collect Personal Data from third parties including our group companies (referring to our holding company, subsidiaries or affiliates, wherein the definition thereof includes domestic and overseas holding company, subsidiaries or affiliates according to the “Regulation on Terminology, Forms, and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements” of Japan; hereinafter the same).
    For example, we will collect Personal Data from third parties in the following cases.

    3.c.i. Personal Data collected from group companies
    We may collect your Personal Data from our group companies according to their terms or policies. For the privacy policy that is applicable to the individual services provided by our group companies, please confirm the same in the individual services.

    3.c.ii. Personal Data collected from business partners
    We may collect your Personal Data from our business partners. 

    3.d. Personal Data that is directly collected from third-party services
    We may collect login records from plug-ins of third-party websites and apps equipped with a plug-in feature such as “Send by LINE” or “Like”, and URL information of websites equipped with a plug-in feature that you visited while being logged onto the LINE app on your browser by associating such login records and URL information with your LINE Account. Such collected data will be used for understanding how you are using our Services, as well as for the maintenance and improvement, security, and prevention of unauthorized or fraudulent use or abuse, of such Services. When you are logged out of the LINE App, the foregoing information will be used only for the purpose of security and prevention of unauthorized or fraudulent use or abuse in a form where individuals cannot be specified. When we directly collect Personal Data from services operated by a third party, we request our business partner to take lawful and proper measures.

    4. Purpose of use of Personal Data
    We will use Personal Data for the following purposes:
    • Provision and maintenance of services;
    • Development and improvement of services and contents;
    • Prevention of unauthorized use such as unauthorized access; and/or
    • Provision of contents optimized for you.
    We use Personal Data to provide our Services to users, for utilization in research and development to provide safer and better services, and to provide services that are strongly linked to users, including ads. The specific uses of Personal Data are as follows.

    4.a. Provision and maintenance of services
    We will use information required for providing services that you requested or answering your inquiries.

    For example, in the following cases, we will use Personal Data for the provision and maintenance of services.
    • To process invoices when a user purchases a product or uses a paid service;
    • To investigate any corresponding issues such as call interruptions or other call-related issues
    • To provide and maintain stable call service and to improve corresponding quality
    • To examine settlement to the suppliers if necessary
    • To inform receiver about the caller’s number 
    • To connect LINE OUT Services with LINE application
    • To examine your status of use of our Services in order to reply to your inquiry to our customer support;
    • To notify you of important changes to our Services such as the revision of terms, planned discontinuation of services, or change of features.

    4.b. Development and improvement of services and contents
    We will use Personal Data for the development and improvement of our Services for providing better services, products and contents to users toward the future.
    For example, in the following cases, we will use Personal Data for the development and improvement of services and contents:
    • To improve our Services by creating statistics and models related to the use of our Services;
    • To conduct surveys related to our services that we are currently providing, or may provide in the future.

    4.c. Security and prevention of unauthorized use
    We will use Personal Data and promote security measures and measures against unauthorized use to maintain an environment where our Services can be used at all times, and users can use our Services with a sense of security on a daily basis.
    For example, in the following cases, we will use Personal Data for the security and prevention of unauthorized use:
    • To confirm whether there is any breach of terms of use, any illegal act, unauthorized access or any other unauthorized use; or
    • To verify facts or contact you in the event of any unauthorized use or the possibility of any unauthorized use.

    In principle, we obtain your consent when we process your Personal Data. If, however, permitted under Applicable Laws, we may process your Personal Data with any of the following legal basis:
    (1) processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are party or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract
    (2) processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject (e.g., when following the information disclosure orders based upon laws and regulations announced by government agencies)
    (3) processing is necessary in order to protect vital interests of yours or of another individual
    (4) processing is necessary to investigate, prevent and take measures against illegal or suspected illegal acts
    (5) processing is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by us or by a third party, except where such interests are overridden by your privacy related rights, interests, and freedom (including improvement of operations or systems, prevention of fraud, maintenance of security, marketing, and research performed by us); or
    (6) processing is necessary for any purpose related to public benefits or creation of archives of historical documents, or any purpose related to surveys or statistics supported by proper security measures.
    For example, when we process your Personal Data for the provision and maintenance of services, development and improvement of services, and security and prevention of unauthorized use, such processing may be pursuant to the legal basis of legitimate interests indicated in (5) above.

    5. Provision of Personal Data
    We will not provide, disclose or share Personal Data to or with third parties unless we have obtained your consent or such provision, disclosure or sharing of Personal Data is permitted under Applicable Laws.

    We may transfer Personal Data to a third country without any data protection laws which are equivalent to those of the country or region where you live when we have obtained your consent or such transfer of Personal Data is permitted under Applicable Laws.
    In principle, we will not provide Personal Data to third parties unless we have obtained your consent or such provision of Personal Data is permitted under Applicable Laws. However, in the following cases, we may provide Personal Data to third parties. The recipients of Personal Data that we provide include third parties such as our holding company, subcontractors, subsidiaries, and affiliates located in countries or regions other than where you are residing.

    We operate Data Centers in countries and regions with equivalent data protection law and regulation as that of Japan (e.g, a country of region recognized by the European Economic Area and the European Comission as having a sufficient level of protection), or a member of the Agreement on Overseas Transfer of Personal Data by APEC(CBPR System). 

    Personal Data stored in data centers may be accessed from third countries and regions without equivalent data protection legislation. Even in such cases, we make consignment contract obligating the accessing company to take appropriate encryption measures, supervise security management system and any other necessary steps to keep equivalent personal data standard.

    In the operation of our Services, there may be transfer of Personal Data to third countries due to following cases : 
    • System Development and Operation 
    For business related to the development and operation of services such as LINE and Family Service, we may transfer your personal data to companies mainly located in following countries or regions (including group companies and their subcontractors). Employees of these companies would only be given authorities to access personal data to the extent necessary for the performance of their duties.
    - Mainly redeployment: Republic of Korea
    LINE Out Service is developed and operated by Republic of Korea
    • Establishment of telecommunication network
    To the extent necessary to establish communication line(telephone line), phone numbers of the caller and receiver are provided to other telecommunication carriers.
    - Main redeployment : Belgium, Republic of Korea, Singapore, United State of America, Germany, netherlands

    • Customer Support(Except for Japanese Customers)
    IN principle, inquiries made in Japanese are handled within Japan. However, inquiries in any other language3s or when you report usage outside of Japan in the form, inquiries are handled in the following countries or regions’ subcontracting companies (including company’s subcontractor). Employees of the subcontracting companies only gain access to the data necessary to repond to inquiries received.
    - Main deployment : Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Philippines

    5.a. Subcontracting 
    We may subcontract certain services required for providing our Services (e.g.: building and operation of infrastructure, settlement, customer support, etc.) to a third party. 

    In connection with this, we may entrust all or a part of the Personal Data to the subcontractor. 

    Main Subcontractor : Republic of Korea, Singapore, Germany, America, Belgium, Netherland 

    The subcontractor will access the Personal Data only to the minimum extent required for performing the subcontracted services on our behalf, and will not use the Personal Data beyond the scope of the subcontracted services.

    We will comply with Applicable Laws and sufficiently investigate the qualification as a subcontractor, prescribe matters related to confidentiality and data protection in the contract with the subcontractor, and thereby establish a system for properly managing Personal Data.

    5.b. Sharing of Personal Data among LINE Corporation
    In certain countries or regions, we may share, among LINE Corporation, the Personal Data indicated in “3. Personal Data to be collected”.

    As the purpose of sharing Personal Data is the same as the purpose of use described in “4. Purpose of use of Personal Data”, or the purpose of use of the party with which the Personal Data was shared, “LINE PLUS ” shall be replaced with “LINE Corporation”, and “Services” shall be replaced with “services provided by LINE Corporation”.

    According to the Japanese laws and regulation, LINE PLUS is in charge of the use of shared Personal Data. Please refer to the following for the information on our address and CEO.

    Address : 11th Floor Bundansquare, 42 Hwangsaeul-ro 360beon-gil, Bundang-gu, 
    Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
    13591 Republic of Korea
    CEO.:    Eunjung Lee

    5.c. Succession of business
    If there is any transaction between companies pertaining to our business to which this Policy is applicable, such as acquisition, merger or change of business entity, Personal Data may also be transferred to the successor of the business to the extent permitted under Applicable Laws.

    5.d. Provision of services and ad distribution through collaboration with other companies
    In cases where you use the services of our business partner, we may provide, to that business partner, information to be used by the business partner for identifying you (in certain countries or regions, in addition to the Internal Identifier, including an ad identifier, device information such as the language setting, and attribute information).
    • In certain countries or regions, we may provide and disclose your Internal Identifier, a part of your device information (ad identifier, language setting, etc.), and your attributes to our business partner engaged in the distribution of ads, effectiveness measurement and analysis to distribute ads with stronger relevance to you. Information such as your name, address, and phone number, which can be used for communicating with you or confirming your identity, will not be provided without your separate declaration of intent. 
    The processing of Personal Data by our business partner shall be pursuant to the terms or policies prescribed by each business partner.

    5.e. Compliance and cooperation with public agencies
    If we receive a request pursuant to legal proceedings such as a warrant, or if there is imminent danger to someone’s life or property such as a suicide threat or a bomb threat, we may disclose Personal Data to third parties including law enforcement agencies such as the police, or the court, pursuant to Applicable Laws. 

    6. Safety control of Personal Data
    We will take strict technical and organizational security measures in managing the collected Personal Data.
    Unless you request the deletion of your Account, in principle, we will retain most of your information. Once we receive your request to delete your Account, we will delete your information according to Applicable Laws and internal rules after retaining such information for a given period of time.

    6.a. Security measures
    We are taking strict technical and organizational security measures in managing the collected Personal Data for respecting and protecting your privacy and confidentiality of your Personal Data, and preventing unauthorized access to your Personal Data. These measures include safety control measures based on industry standards for preventing unauthorized access to Personal Data, and disclosure, unauthorized use, falsification or destruction of Personal Data.

    For example, we are taking the following measures.
    • Strict access control based on a need-to-know basis
    • 24/7 security monitoring
    • R&D of new security technologies

    Furthermore, we will never provide any means for fraudulently accessing Personal Data to a third party.

    However, because no method of electronic transmission or method of data storage is perfect or impenetrable, we cannot guarantee that your Personal Data will be absolutely safe from intrusion during transmission or while stored in our systems.

    To help protect your privacy and confidentiality of your Personal Data, we also need your help. Please do not share your password with others, or use the same passwords you use for other services. Also, please notify us in the event you suspect any unauthorized use of your Account or any other breach of security via our Contact Form.

    6.b. .Storage location of Personal Data
    To provide our Services in a reliable and responsible manner, we store key Personal Data on secure servers at Data Centers located in Japan and Republic of Korea.
    Also, Japan and Republic of Korea are member of the Agreement on Overseas Transfer of Personal Data by APEC(CBCR System).

    6.c. Storage period of Personal Data
    We collect and retain Personal Data to provide our Services according to your request, fulfill any of the applicable purposes of use described in this Policy, or to comply with Applicable Laws.

    Unless you request the deletion of your Account, in principle, we will retain most of your Personal Data. Once your Account is deleted, we will process your Personal Data properly according to Applicable Laws and our internal rules after retaining such Personal Data for a given period of time for the following purposes:
    • To reply to inquiries;
    • To resolve disputes or collect fees;
    • To detect and deter fraudulent use of, or abuse of, our Services; or
    • To comply with Applicable Laws.

    Otherwise, we prescribe the storage period of Personal Data according to the following standards.
    • The delivery address information that we obtained for shipping the product collected in a promotional event will be deleted after a given period of time, for resolving disputes, after the shipment of the product is complete. Information that we collected for a specific purpose as described above will be promptly deleted after the lapse of a reasonable period once the purpose of such information is fulfilled.
    • If you have expressly declared your intent to store your Personal Data, we may respect your intent and store your Personal Data for a long period. 
    • If a storage period is prescribed under Applicable Laws or the like, we will store Personal Data according to such storage period.
    We may continue to retain Personal Data in a format in which individuals cannot be identified after the lapse of the storage period prescribed pursuant to Applicable Laws and our internal rules.

    7. Your choices regarding personal Data
    You have rights regarding your Personal Data processed by us, such as the right to access your Personal Data and the right to correct your Personal Data, to the extent permitted under Applicable Laws.

    To the extent permitted under Applicable Laws, regarding your Personal Data that we process, you have the right to access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restriction of processing, the right to withdrawal of your consent, the right to data portability, the right to confirm if we process any Personal Data of yours, and the right to request a review of any automated decisions that may be made as a result of the processing.

    In addition, to the extent permitted under Applicable Laws, you also have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data that we process in certain cases.

    If you wish to exercise your right against us to disclose your Personal Data that cannot be confirmed in our Services, correct or delete your Personal Data that is contrary to facts, notify you of the purpose of use of your Personal Data, or other rights permitted under Applicable Laws, you may contact us using the Contact Form.

    After verification of your identity, we will respond to your request within a reasonable period of time, and in accordance with relevant laws.
    If, however, permitted under Applicable Laws, we may not be able to respond to your request when any of the following applies:
    • Disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of yours or another individual;
    • Disclosure is likely to seriously impede the proper execution of our business;
    • Disclosure violates other laws and regulations;
    • When you failed to verify your identity upon your disclosure request; or
    • We are otherwise permitted under Applicable Laws to refuse your request.

    If you no longer wish to use our Services or if you withdraw your consent in processing of your Personal Data which is necessary for us to provide our Services, you may choose to delete your entire Account. However, the withdrawal of your consent will not in any way affect the lawfulness of our processing of your Personal Data based on your consent that was given before the foregoing withdrawal.
    If you have any requests or complaints related to our use of your Personal Data, please contact us at any time using the Contact Form.
    Unless prohibited under Applicable Laws, if you exercise any of your rights hereunder, we may charge a fee, in accordance with the procedures defined separately.

    8. Use of third-party modules and Cookies
    We may use cookies and third-party SDK for fulfilling the purposes described in this Policy.

    8.a. Third-party modules
    We may install modules of a third-party software development kit (SDK) in our Services for the following purposes:
    • To analyze the status of use of our Services; and
    • To distribute ads on our behalf and measure the effectiveness thereof.
    With regard to your Personal Data that is processed by a third-party through a module provided by such third party, the privacy policy of such third party will apply. Please click “Embedding modules of other companies” to confirm the details regarding third-party modules.

    8.b.Cookie and other analytical tools
    A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when visiting a website. 

    This text file stores information that can be read by the website operator when visiting the website again at a later date. We may use cookies and similar web tracking technologies (web beacon, pixel etc.) for the following purposes:
    • To store your login state, authenticate visitors, maintain sessions and take security measures;
    • To store language settings and latest date and time of access, and improve user-friendliness;
    • To provide better services by comprehending the number of accesses and the mode of use; 
    • To distribute ads that are more interesting to you; and
    • To measure the effectiveness of ads.

    You can control whether or not to accept cookies based on browser settings or by using other tools. If, however, you deactivate cookies or limit the ability to set cookies, you may not be able to obtain the full benefit of the website or access all of its functions, which may limit your overall user experience.

    8.c.Information related to use of Google Analytics
    In order to improve our Services, we use Google Analytics to measure our Services such as our website. Google may set cookies or read existing cookies to collect data. At such time, information such as the URL of the page that you accessed and IP address will be automatically sent to Google. We may use such information to comprehend the status of use of our Services or use such information in our Services. For the processing of data by Google in Google Analytics, please read the service terms of use of Google Analytics and Google’s privacy policy.

    8.d. Information related to use of True Depth API provided by Apple
    LINE PLUS may use Apple‘s TrueDepth camera to collect additional information from your device‘s camera in order to improve quality of camera and video call that we provide, or improve function such as effects. However, this information is processed in real time for delivering and improving these features only. This information is not saved on our servers or shared with any third parties.

    9. Other important information
    We may modify this Policy. The latest version of the Policy will always be posted on this site, and we encourage you to review the contents of the latest version of the Policy carefully.
    When we make any material changes to this Policy, we will notify you through reasonable means.

    9.a. Privacy of Children
    The Services are intended for a general audience. If a minor is to use our Services and provides Personal Data, the minor must do so with the consent of his/her guardian. You represent and warrant that you have the right capacity and legal capacity required for using our Services. If you are a minor, you represent and warrant that you are using our Services with the consent of your guardian. We have voluntarily imposed age restrictions on certain Services in cases where we are unable to confirm that you are of a certain age.
    We understand the special necessity to protect the Personal Data collected from minors in the U.S. or Europe (under the age of 13 in the U.S., and under the age of 16 in Europe) using our Services, and we do not knowingly collect any Personal Data from minors.
    If, however, you believe that we have collected Personal Data from minors, then please let us know via the Contact Form or by writing to the address indicated below. If we learn that we have inadvertently collected Personal Data from minors, we will deactivate the relevant Account(s) and will take reasonable measures to promptly delete such Personal Data from our records.

    9.b. Contact Address
    Other than as referred to herein, we will be the data controller of Personal Data collected through our Services to which this Policy applies. If you have any questions or inquiries about this Policy or have any questions, complaints, concerns or comments about the processing of Personal Data in our Services, please contact us via the Contact Form or by writing to:

    • <Data Protection Officer>
    LINE Plus Corporation
    Attn : Data Protection Officer
    11th Floor Bundansquare 42 Hwangsaeul-ro 360beon-gil, Bundang-gu,
    Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
    • 13591 Republic of Korea
    • <EU Representative>
    Attn : LINE Plus Corporation EU Representative
    Neuer Wall 54, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 (0) 40 60944190

    If you are in the European Economic Area (EEA), you may contact the Data Protection Officer or our EU representative below or you may lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in the European Economic Area.

    9.c. Changes to this Policy
    We may modify this Policy from time to time, and the latest version of the privacy policy will always be posted on this site. When we make any material changes to this Policy, we will notify you on our Services, or by other reasonable means. We encourage you to review the contents of the latest version of the privacy policy carefully. 

    If you do not agree to any of the changes and you no longer wish to use our Services, you may choose to close your Account. Continuing to use our Services after a notice of changes has been notified to you or published on our Services constitutes your acceptance of the changes and consent to the modified version of this Policy. We will seek your consent when required under Applicable Laws.

    Formulated on August 25, 2015
    Formulated on September 7, 2021

  • LINE Out Terms of UseNEW

    LINE Out Terms of Use

    These LINE Out TERMS OF USE (the “Terms”) prescribe the terms and conditions of use of LINE Out (“LINE Out” or the “Service”) provided to you by LINE PLUS Corporation (“LINE PLUS”). LINE Out is an add-on feature of LINE application (the “LINE App”) provided by LINE Co., Ltd., the holding company of LINE PLUS. All policies and conditions linked to in these Terms form part of these Terms. The provision of LINE Out is subject to your consent to all the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms.

    You must agree to these Terms in order to use LINE Out. If you are a minor, please obtain the consent from your legal guardian such as a person in parental authority to use the Service.

    Important Restrictions

    Please read the following important restrictions carefully before using LINE Out.

    No Emergency Call Feature: LINE Out does not provide any means of calling emergency services such as fire departments, police, and emergency medical services. LINE Out is not a replacement for your mobile or landline telephone. Please make sure you have a mobile or landline telephone available when you need to call an emergency service.

    Jurisdictional Restrictions: Please note that some countries may have restrictions on Internet telephony services such as LINE Out. You are responsible for complying with local laws and regulations. If you are not legally allowed to use LINE Out where you are, you shall not use LINE Out.

    LINE Out Service

    Calls to landlines and mobiles: With the restrictions set forth in these Terms, LINE Out allows you to directly dial a landline or mobile phone number to make a call using the LINE App on your mobile phone, with some exceptions such as toll-free calls. Please see the list of countries and regions where you are able to make calls using LINE Out. To use LINE Out, your mobile phone must be connected to a broadband Internet connection. You are responsible for any fees required for broadband Internet connection, including roaming charges. Before using LINE Out, please check the broadband connection and roaming provided by your mobile carrier and other fees that may be charged thereof. 
    Software Requirements: LINE Out may not work on older versions of the LINE App. To use LINE Out, please always keep your LINE App updated to the latest version available.

    Line Out License: LINE PLUS grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use LINE Out, provided you comply with these Terms. You may not modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, duplicate or distribute any software that LINE PLUS authorizes you to use for LINE Out.

    LINE Out Fee

    When using LINE Out, you may choose a prepaid plan of either (1) a 30-day plan, or (2) call credit or LINE Coin purchase (collectively as the “Call Credit/LINE Coin”).

    30-day Plan: Under the 30-day plan, you may purchase a fixed number of minutes that can be used within a 30-day period to make calls to specific countries at a discounted rate. Calls are charged every minute (rounded up to the next minute) and the minutes are deducted from the remaining minutes of the 30-day plan purchased in advance. Any unused minutes at the end of the 30-day period will expire and cannot be rolled over into a following period. Please see this website for available 30-day plans. The 30-day plan can only be used for your personal and/or business purposes and cannot be shared with other individuals or business entity.

    Call Credit/LINE Coin: When using Call Credit/LINE Coin, calls are charged every minute (rounded to the next minute) according to the applicable rate to the call destination and the minutes are deducted from the balance of Call Credit/LINE Coin purchased in advance. A call less than one minute will be rounded up and charged as one minute. Call rates vary depending on the destination of the call and are subject to change. Please see this website for the Call Credit/LINE Coin rates. When using LINE Coin, if the charge for the call is equivalent to an odd number of Call Credit, it will be rounded up to the next even number of Call Credit. Please see the detailed information on this website.

    Rate Changes: LINE PLUS will post the 30-day plan and Call Credit rate per minute on this website, and update and notify you of any changes to the rates. The rate for the 30-day plan will remain valid for 30 days of the purchased plan. In case of subsequent purchase of the 30-day plan, the rate applicable at the time of subsequent purchase will remain valid for 30 days of the purchased plan. Changes in the Call Credit rate per minute will be effective upon notice. Please note that Call Credit rates are set in U.S. dollars, and the rates shown in other currencies are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. When you use LINE Out, you agree to the rate announced when you use the LINE Out. The rate per minute will be displayed on the dial pad when you make a call. Please confirm the rate per minute at the time of use when you decide to purchase or continue to purchase the 30-day plan or use the Call Credit for LINE Out.

    Taxes: Where required by local tax law, LINE PLUS collects applicable local taxes such as VAT and other indirect taxes. Taxes are included in the LINE Out fee.

    30-day Plan Fair Use Policy: LINE PLUS provides a fair use policy to prevent abuse of the 30-day plan to offer the plan at the lowest possible price. In the event of any of the followings, LINE PLUS reserves all rights to suspend or cancel your 30-day plan as a violation of the fair use policy:
    • Using the 30-day plan for sales, marketing, advertising, solicitation, customer service, and/or other commercial purposes (excluding those approved by LINE PLUS);
    • Reselling the 30-day plan; 
    • Sharing the minutes given under the 30-day plan with other individuals or business entities;
    • Calling a number that can generate profits by simply making a call (not including personal business communication);
    • Making a call in an abnormal pattern that is not considered to be normal personal use, such as a regular short call or multiple calls in a short period of time; and
    • Other acts in which LINE PLUS reasonably determines to be illegal, prohibited, or abnormal acts based on reasonable grounds.


    Payment Method: You can purchase a 30-day plan or Call Credit/LINE Coin. Depending on the residing country or region, you may purchase a 30-day plan or Call Credit/LINE Coin from the LINE Store website. To find out whether the LINE Store is available in your country, please visit this website.

    Auto-renewal of 30-day Plan: If you choose to automatically renew the 30-day plan, a new 30-day plan will be automatically purchased upon the expiration of the 30-day plan. However, such auto-renewal is not available if LINE PLUS has already announced that it will no longer provide LINE Out at the time of purchase.

    Call Credit Expiration: Call Credits purchased by residents of Japan through Google Play or the LINE Store will expire 180 days from the date of purchase. Call Credits will not be available for use after the date of its expiry

    Call Credit Refund: LINE PLUS does not refund call credits; provided, this does not apply if the refund is required by law.

    Account History Information

    Purchase History: You may confirm the purchase history (purchased items, purchase date, purchase prices) in the LINE App (if purchased from the LINE Store, at the LINE Store website).

    Usage History: You may confirm the usage history (call date and time, call history, call time) on your LINE App for a period reasonably determined by LINE PLUS. 

    Correction of Errors and Other Complaints: For incorrect account history or other inquiries regarding the LINE Out service, please contact LINE Customer Service in your LINE App.

    You must file a request for a refund within 90 days from the date of the first error in your account history. If you fail to contact LINE Customer Service within 90 days, no refund will be made.

    Prohibited Uses 

    When using LINE Out, you must refrain from doing any of the following:
    • Acts that violate any laws and regulations, court rulings, decisions or orders, or legally binding administrative measures;
    • Acts that may harm public order or good manners and morals;
    • Acts that violate the 30-Day Plan Fair Use Policy;
    • Acts of impersonating LINE PLUS or a third party or intentionally spreading false information;
    • Acts of soliciting sexual or obscene acts; acts aimed at meeting or dating strangers of opposite sex; acts aimed at harassing or slandering other users; and other acts of using this Service for purposes other than the intended purpose of use of the Service;
    • Acts that may provide benefits to or otherwise cooperate with the Anti-Social Forces (criminal groups/individuals, corporate racketeers, and/or groups/individuals which have the potential for violence or social unrest)
    • Acts that interfere with the servers and network systems of LINE PLUS and LINE Co., Ltd.; acts that illegally operate LINE Out using BOT, cheat tools, and other technical means; acts that intentionally use defects in LINE Out; acts of making unreasonable inquiries or requests to LINE PLUS such as repeating similar questions more than necessary; and other acts that interfere with the operation of LINE Out by LINE PLUS or the use of LINE Out by other customers; and
    • Other acts that LINE PLUS reasonably deems inappropriate based on reasonable grounds.

    Termination, suspension, and cancellation

    Termination of LINE Out: You may terminate your LINE Out service at any time by deleting your LINE account. The account termination function is located at the very bottom of your LINE app’s “My Profile” menu.

    Suspension or Cancellation by LINE PLUS: LINE PLUS may suspend or cancel your use of LINE Out at any time without recourse to the courts in the following cases:
    • When you are in breach of these Terms;
    • When LINE PLUS reasonably determines on reasonable grounds that you are using LINE Out in violation of law or infringing the rights of a third party;
    • When LINE PLUS reasonably determines on reasonable grounds that you are using LINE Out fraudulently or that a third party is fraudulently using your LINE account;
    • When it is necessary to comply with a request from a regulatory authority with a legal basis or a change in applicable laws and regulations or its interpretation (in such case, LINE PLUS may suspend or terminate the use immediately); and/or
    • When LINE PLUS decides to suspend its service of LINE Out in your country or region (in such case, at least 30-days’ notice will be given).

    LINE PLUS may warn you of your improper use before suspending or canceling your use of the LINE Out service.

    Exclusion of Warranties, Indemnification

    No Warranties: By agreeing to these Terms, you acknowledge that (i) you may not be able to use LINE Out due to your Internet broadband connection, mobile device and/or computer system, (ii) the service of LINE Out may be interrupted depending on the equipment or the level of bandwidth used by LINE PLUS, and (iii) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Call quality may not be consistent due to the nature of VoIP calls, and the call charges may be incurred regardless of connection quality.

    Disclaimer of Warranties: You expressly acknowledge and agree that you use LINE Out at your own risk and that you bear all risks with respect to satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy, and outcomes. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, LINE Out is provided as-is without any warranty and LINE PLUS makes no warranty with respect to LINE Out, whether express, implied or statutory, including product eligibility, satisfactory quality, suitability for a particular purpose, accuracy, quiet enjoyment and no infringement of the rights of third parties. LINE PLUS does not guarantee that you will be able to use LINE Out without interruption, that there will be no obstacles, and that such obstacles will be repaired. No information or advice given by LINE PLUS to you verbally or in writing shall constitute a warranty.

    Limitation of Liability: LINE PLUS shall not be liable for any indirect, special, accidental, consequential, or punitive damages, regardless of whether LINE PLUS or you could have predicted such damages and whether such damages are deemed contractual or tort liability, unless LINE PLUS has committed intentional or gross negligence. LINE PLUS’s compensation for ordinary damages due to breach of contract or tort liability (excluding intentional or gross negligence of LINE PLUS) is limited to the amount of payment received from you in the month in which such damages occurred.

    Compensation: You shall indemnify, defend and hold LINE PLUS and its affiliates, officers, employees, subcontractors and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, damage, loss, liability and expense (including attorney’s fees) arising out of the breach by you of these Terms or your use of LINE Out, and shall compensate for any damage and loss suffered by LINE PLUS and its affiliates, officers, employees, subcontractors and agents.

    LINE PLUS respects your privacy and protects your privacy and personal information in accordance with the LINE PLUS Privacy Policy. LINE PLUS takes the utmost care to keep your information safe.

    General Terms

    Governing Law, Jurisdiction: These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan without regard to the conflict of law principles thereof, as permitted by applicable laws. Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court as the first trial, as permitted by applicable laws.

    Amendment of these Terms: LINE PLUS may modify and amend these Terms within the scope of the purpose of this Service if LINE PLUS deems it necessary. In such case, LINE PLUS will publish the amended terms and conditions and effective date thereof on this Service or on the LINE PLUS website (including “LINE Out Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”), or notify you in a method specified by LINE PLUS. The modified or amended Terms shall be deemed effective from the effective date. 

    Relationship between these Terms and Applicable Laws: Should any provisions of these Terms be determined to violate or contravene any law such as the Consumer Contract Act and other laws and regulations applicable to the contract between you and LINE PLUS for this Service, such provisions shall be deemed not applicable to the contract between you and LINE PLUS to such extent; provided, even in such case, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not be in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

    Entire Agreement: These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and LINE PLUS with respect to LINE Out, and supersede any prior communications, offers, agreements and statements. If certain provisions contained herein shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the remaining provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect. These Terms may be modified or amended only as provided herein.  

    Last Modified: 09/07/2021

  • LINE Out to be suspended in certain countriesNEW

    Due to changes in LINE Out's administrative policies, inbound and outbound calls will no longer be supported in certain countries.

    Please contact us if you need a refund. Thank you for your continued support of LINE Out.

    We will return with a new and improved service in the near future.

    May 9

    - Inbound and outbound calls deactivated in Indonesia

    - Inbound calls deactivated in China, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and Vietnam

    May 23

    - Call credit sales suspended in Cambodia

    - Inbound calls deactivated in Germany

    Late June

    - Inbound and outbound calls deactivated in Cambodia

  • LINE Call: Released First on AndroidNEW

    LINE Call has been released with the latest version of LINE (4.1.0). Please update your LINE app to experience its unbeatable price and quality.

    For more details, please see our official blog

    iPhone users will get to enjoy LINE Call in the next update. Stay tuned!